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And in that moment I swear we were infinite.

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One Direction concert!

Last night I went to One Direction's concert here in Chile and I have to say it was really awesome. I bought the ticket yesterday…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen May 02, 2014
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Apr 20, 2014

Nostalgia To The Max: 2009 Playlist

Reblogged from Tina 2009 was the year of Disney darlings. Demi Lovato released her second album, Selena Gomez made her musical debut with her band, The…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Apr 17, 2014 Originally by tinabobeena

Top Oscars Moments

The 86th Anual Oscars Academy Awards were epic. I think Ellen Degeneres made an awesome job and she's always been my favorite human being in the…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Mar 03, 2014

Get Healthy 10 Reasons To Do Yoga

Reblogged from Faith Lorna Hi, In case you didn't know yoga is great for you the benifits of regular yoga are endless some include increased flexablilty and…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Mar 02, 2014 Originally by faithyfantastic
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Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Mar 01, 2014

Stars Dance...Awkwardly at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Reblogged from Tina If you tuned into last night's Grammy awards, I'm pretty sure you were entertained. It was music's biggest night and whether they knew…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Jan 28, 2014 Originally by tinabobeena

Bittersweet Tunes: Bonnie Dune Will Release Album Featuring Cory Monteith

Reblogged from You Are What You Listen To Losing talented and loved Cory Monteith back in 2013, there's now something to look forward to in 2014…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Jan 07, 2014 Originally by youarewhatyoulistento

What to watch? Frozen!

I just came back from the movies. And yes! I watched the new Disney movie: Frozen.  What can I say? I freking loved it. I laughed…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Jan 03, 2014

2k14 - A year since I joined the buzznet family!

Hello 2014! I can't believe 2013 is over. I mean I still remember last year's New Years Eve and that new year is over so fast!  It…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen Jan 01, 2014
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